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The New Bridge

Proposed Widnes Runcorn Bridge The Mersey Gateway Bridge will be a landmark structure connecting Widnes and Runcorn that will be recognisable throughout the north west and beyond. Whilst the design for the bridge is yet to be finalised, the draft design is based on a cable-stay structure similar to the second Severn Crossing but with 3 towers.

It will be 900 metres in length across the river and the canals. Three piers in the river will carry the two 300 metre long outer spans that will cross the naturally occurring deeper water channels of the river at either bank. These will be supported by cable stays attached to towers that rise to 135 metres above the river bed.

View a 3D model of the proposed new Widnes-Runcorn bridge.

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Anonymous said...

Say no to a bridge tax to go from one half of Halton Borough to the other!

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