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Fairfield High SchoolWhich Widnes school did Melanie Chisholm (better known as Mel C) member of British girl pop group The Spice Girls, attend between 1985 and 1990?

The Alexandra TheatreWhich Widnes venue did Charlie Chaplin play before he hit the big time, Stan Laurel also played there before went to America and met up with Oliver Hardy?

1930Widnes RL club visited wembley for the first time in which year? `

50p (10/-)How much did it cost to go to Rhyl and back on Yate`s tours from their garage in Salisbury Street, Widnes back in 1959.

The GrosvenorPaul Simon wrote his homeward bound song on the platform of Widnes (or maybe Ditton) Station, but what is the name of the Widnes pub that he played twice.

Queens HallWhich Widnes venue did the Beatles play before they became world famous.

Wade Deacon Girls GrammarFreddie Mercury (Queen) played at which Widnes girls school in the 60s? He was fronting a band called ` Wreckage` which consisted of several lads from the boys school.

The 12th CenturyWhat century does St Lukes Church at Farnworth date back to?

1919In what year did Arthur Henderson becomes the first Widnes Labour Member of Parliament?

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Anonymous said...

Moving mouse over lightbulb doesn't reveal the answer.

Anonymous said...

he/she is right mouse over lightbulb doesn't reveal anything

Anonymous said...

We would let you know how we did if we knew where to find the answers!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rubbish - sat and answered all questions bt couldn't confirm answers!!

Anonymous said...

absolute crap

Anonymous said...

Total shit some one is taking the piss as there are no answers so you can check how you did. said...

Answers are:

Fairfield High School
The Alexandra Theatre
50p (10/-)
The Grosvenor
Queens Hall
Wade Deacon Girls Grammar
The 12th Century

SOmebody must have messed up the styles on the website. The answers are embedded in the HTML.

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